Friday, January 03, 2014

Holiday Recap

With the arctic tundra that is outside my door right now, I'm not leaving this house unless it's necessary. I'll take care of puppysitting duty and come right back home. (Puppysitting will look a lot like a dog huddled at my feet while I plead with her to just pee so we can go back inside.)  No social invitations will be accepted today, sorry. 

I've taken a couple days into the new year to be still and tidy up the remnants of what felt like weeks of holiday celebrations. It was a flurry of lunch dates, brunch dates, family dinners, neighborhood gatherings, catching up over a beer, and errands. I saw old friends, family from every branch, the babies I'm going to teach bad words to in a few years, and lots of puppies who are the best company because they don't care about your marital status. Here are a few highlights of my holiday season...

--Gossiped with one cousin about another until the person in question walked by.  First cousin changed the subject by inquiring about a fake date I never went on and asking how I felt about pursuing another long distance relationship. 

--Declared an Old Maid Corner during dinner with the other unmarried cousin, successfully avoiding all questions about our futures except one meaningful glance when the aunts talked about babies. We threw the just-married cousin under that bus. 

--Broke my streak of striking out.

--Competed for Best Aunt award. 

--Played Robot Shots. This is Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots where the loser takes a shot of peppermint schnapps. 

--Walked into a room, heard "health care" and "birth control", and backed out very slowly and escaped. 

--Won THIS in an intense gift exchange game. 

--Revived my career as a Rock Band drummer. 

--Gave no shits about football. Spent one unprecedented afternoon watching hockey. 

--Lamented the popularity of the Christmas proposal. Why is this a thing?

--Took peppermint bark everywhere because man, that recipe makes a lot. You've been warned. 

Overall, I'd say the holidays were a success around here. How about yours? 

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