Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Relationship Remains

2014 is the Year of Progress. With that attitude in mind, I went into my attic and found the box I shoved into a corner when my relationship ended. In the weeks of uncertainty, between finding out he was, in fact, alive and not unconscious in some hospital unable to answer my messages, and the actual end of our relationship, I didn't have the energy to sort through relics. I threw it all into a box--pictures, cards, gifts, stuff I permanently borrowed from his flat. Out of sight, out of mind--and I needed it out of mind. 

But this! Is the Year of Progress! So I marched upstairs, rooted around until I remembered where I put the box, and sorted through it. Clothes have been donated, but the rest of it...it has to go. For now, it's all in a bag on my back patio, frozen under a mound of snow. It deserves nothing better, and it certainly doesn't deserve space in my home. When the weather improves, if that ever happens, it'll get chucked into a fire. (I'll try and document for you.) 
It's there somewhere...

It brought up some questions, though. What do you do with the artifacts of extinct relationships? Is it right after the end, or do you wait? Does it matter how it ended or who ended it? I'm curious...tell me your rituals. 

I asked online, and got a few interesting answers...

--"Viking funeral is always fun."
--"Step on it a lot. Then clean it. Donate to charity."
--"I'm a big proponent of pyromania."
--"I used his t-shirts as dusting and cleaning rags."
--"Not to sound like Al Gore or anything but--put it in a lockbox."

I love it. So, it's your turn: what do you do? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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