Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Remember that time this summer when I abandoned you (No, I didn't abandon you! Come on, we talked about this--I temporarily took leave of your company, GOD. You are so needy.) for a few weeks? And you thought the world would end without my blog being updated like a ray of sunshine on your cloudy day? But then I got home and you were like, "Huh. Guess that wasn't as long as I thought it'd be. That wasn't bad, actually. Man, I AM needy." That was fine, right?

I'm leaving again. See you all in a few weeks.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I generally like the music that Fall Out Boy puts out there. Are they the best band on the planet? No. But they're pretty good.
My estimation of them skyrocketed this morning, however. Getting ready for work (I taught kindergarten today, which was as hilarious and wonderful as ever) I was watching MTV. I caught Fall Out Boy's new single, "I Don't Care." If you haven't seen it, it features the band members pulling off masks--their faces--to reveal other people. It's not bad.

Not bad?, you're thinking. How generic. Why is she writing about something 'not bad'? Because this video earned some major Twin Excellence Points at the end. Why?

Pete Wentz gets punched in the face and falls to the ground. The twin, who happens to loathe Pete Wentz (don't get her started) finds much joy in this. But then, it gets so much better. Whoever did the punching pulls up Pete's face (not as gross as it sounds) to reveal the aptly-named Spencer Pratt, of Hills notoriety. (If you're unsure about him, he is quite honestly the biggest douchebag in at least his ZIP code, is half of a seriously dysfunctional relationship, and is nowhere near as attractive as he thinks he is.) YAY! Spencer got punched in the face! It could only be better if yours truly got to do the punching! (Pratt is one of my Top Five Celebrities I'd Like to Punch in the Face. Who are yours?)

Well done, Fall Out Boy. Well done.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Sometimes I miss people so much I feel like I can't catch my breath.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Downloading it as we speak.

I love Christmas music. This might seem odd, but I can't help myself. I love the classics, but also rejoice at the new and quirky releases. Jack Johnson changed my whole opinion about Rudolph, and Everclear singing "Santa Baby" is worth hearing no matter what holiday you celebrate.

Each year I search tirelessly for new music to add to my collection, which I would put into rotation sometime around Labor Day if it wasn't considered entirely eccentric. I like to check out the suggestions that itunes and have for me. Many a young pop star has covered a holiday classic. But nothing--nothing--could match my joy at the following:

Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson- "Baby, It's Cold Outside"

My jaw dropped. I can only assume that this song was recorded when they were in love, with little hearts and stars pouring out of them when they were together. It's a natural choice: two famous pop stars who married young so they could sleep together (oh, and because they loved each other) sing a holiday duet between a man and a woman on some sort of date. (My personal feelings for this song will remain unspoken.) It had to have been a brilliant idea. Everyone was excited! It'll sell countless copies! Record it!

Aaaaand then they got a divorce. Ouch. That's painful. And it's not even taking into account the fact that they have a television show devoted to their marriage, which anyone can watch on DVD whenever they want! (Guessing Nick and Jess do not indulge?) But this! Is so! Much better! It hides itself for most of the year. A little holiday surprise, if you will. It's one of those things that you forget about since you don't see it all the time. This song is packed away in the attic with the Christmas decorations and only gets hauled out after Thanksgiving. Unpacking the strings of lights and boxes of ornaments, you would find this song at the bottom of a trunk. 'Oh. Hey there. Um...this is awkward. Should we bring this out?...No. Maybe not. Nevermind. Hm.'


Monday, December 01, 2008


There is nothing quite so satisfying as watching a slightly obnoxious student walk in with a horrible haircut.