Saturday, February 24, 2007

No, I do not wish anything of the sort.

Have I told you about my loathe for the Pussycat Dolls yet? No? Well, it's there. And I just read that they're starting their own reality show! And do you know what the point is? To add another member. As if they don't already have more than I care to keep track of. As far as I know, they have the one talented girl (who really should go solo) and then any number of others who dance around behind her, wearing tiny clothes and having no talent whatsoever. They could change the members for every performance and I assure you hardly anyone would notice the difference. Their mothers might, I suppose. But that's about it. And now they're trying to add more! Come on now, ladies, isn't +/- 37 members enough for you? How many backup dancers does one group need?!

Ugh. (Also: when you go away, please for the love of everything holy take Fergie with you.)

By the way, yeah, I did take an unnecessarily long break from writing. Sorry, things got a little crazy! I'm back now, I assure you. Plus, big things to come from my other project, Manifesto Destiny. Have a look!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Wake Up Call!

Ask how long I've been awake. Go on, ask.

Nineteen hours. Now, if you're Jack Bauer, that is not a long time at all. But I am not Jack Bauer. I do not work for some high profile employer who requires me to put in long-ass days. It is only half past eleven and I have been up since FOUR THIRTY. AM.

Why, you ask? Why on earth would one get up so early unless it was necessary? Oh, maybe it was necessary, you're thinking. Nope! I was going to wake up around four hours later and do work and other things. But that last four hours did not happen. Because at 4:25am, my cell phone rang. I was compelled to answer. Because that is the emergency phone call only time frame. It is too late for a drunk phone call from a friend who wants to tell you how much they love you/need your help. And it is too early for a phone call regarding work or other early morning activity. It is strictly emergency time at 4:25am. So I answered. I muttered my hello, half asleep and half wondering what this unrecognized number was.

"Oh, wrong number."

That was all I heard of the unknown gentleman. He did not apologize, or even sound apologetic! He said, "oh, wrong number" and hung up! I felt jilted; as if I'd been waiting on a date and he called to cancel. Who decides that being pretty sure you know a phone number is acceptable at such an hour?! I should like to think that, unless it was an emergency situation, I would be very careful about not making erroneous phone calls at half past four in the morning.

Stupid stupid moron.

Goodnight, kids.