Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Vacation Recap...

...from my sickbed. 

I spent last week at Disney World, so it comes as no surprise that I brought home the germs of thousands of children. Oh well--a little sneezing and congestion is a small price to pay for a week in the sunshine with my flip flops and some of my favorite people. 

My BFF ran the Disney marathon, which means our Florida vacation began with a very early wakeup call for her to catch the bus for runners. If you're wondering how to define friendship, setting an alarm for 3am to make sure your BFF is awake...is a prime example. (Apologies to my instagram friends, who were treated to a poorly lit selfie to mark the occasion. #nomakeup has never been a more apt description.) Being at the marathon was pretty fantastic...it's a cool atmosphere. Everyone cheering for anyone that ran by, runners encouraging each other through that final stretch, all the signs people create. We developed a bit of a relationship with the others watching around us, trading places for spots at the front when someone announced that their runner was approaching and pointing out the more creative costumes that ran by. 

I've never spectated a marathon before, but guess what I learned? People like to propose at the finish line. I witnessed three proposals during my couple hours waiting. Way to steal thunder from the other runners, couples

I also learned that Disney sells bride and groom Mickey ears, so you get a good visual on couples celebrating their engagement, vows, or whatever else would cause grown adults to walk around like that. (Also, little girls wearing the bride ears? Awkward. Just saying.) On the positive side, I'm pretty sure I photobombed some couple selfies with pretty ugly faces. OOPS. 



Despite all the happy couples trying to ruin my vacation, I had a spectacular time. I'm sorry for bragging, fellow midwesterners, but it was nice to escape this polar vortex panic. I also met another internet friend! It was totally normal! And nobody killed anybody! So that's good. Hooray for internet friends! 

But here I am, back in the mitten, isolating myself from others and enjoying a routine of vitamins and cough medicine and hot tea and juice and water and soup. It's all very glamorous. 

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