Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Obligatory End of 2013 Post

You probably won't see this until THE FUTURE but it's still 2013 as I write, so I wanted to spare a few minutes from socializing to stop by. 

2013 was not the best year for me. If you review statistics, it's been pretty awful in a lot of ways. I'm not sorry to see it go. But I hate regret, because I think even mistakes and missed chances and shitty parts of your life add up to what you become. Even things that suck can turn into great opportunities and great parts of your character and even just great stories. So I don't like the idea that I would undo any of it if I could. I think I'll come out of the wreckage that is 2013 with some pretty great stories. 

I mean, if you think about it, I had a pretty great year...

 Started the year at the Arctic Circle.

 Took up some new hobbies. 

 Froze at a fjord. 

 Spent A LOT of time in airports. 

 Drank too much coffee, probably.

 Went to a LOT of weddings.

 Did I mention I went to a lot of weddings?

 Best bowling game of my life. Yeah, I broke 100. Jealous?


Saw Paris.

Paris was ok.

 Spent a lot of time volunteering.

Learned how to circus. Ok, I learned how to juggle, but there was a lot of circus stuff going on.

Also this happened, with no context given whatsoever. 

Despite some great moments, I'm ready to move on. This year is a clean slate. 2013 was a year of transition, so this one is a year for progress. I'm ready to take on 2014. Let's go. 

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