Monday, July 13, 2015

Special Offer

Went through my mailbox...a pile of junk mail. Nothing unusual. Credit card offer, toss. Mailing labels, toss. Another credit card, toss. Special offer for--wait, what?
"Preferred Savings Form. In order to guarantee that we reach the audience we are meant to serve, the Publisher is offering The World of Cross Stitching magazine to a selected few at over 65% off the cover price."

So...I'm...the audience The World of Cross Stitching is meant to serve...?

What? Is this related to my surprise subscription to Vogue? Or is it because I'm now IN my 30s? Do they know I'm a cat lady without cats? ( far.) I mean, I won't lie to you--I have done cross stitching within the last year. But how do they know? It's not like I'm on amazon buying pattern books all day. Did I trip some weird hobby signal? Does World of Cross Stitching just know? Do you think they employ a cross stitching psychic? WHY DID I GET THIS OFFER?

Guys. I can't. I'm buying cats.