Thursday, December 05, 2013

Still keeping an eye on Netherfield...

I haven't spotted Mr. Darcy in so long that I was beginning to think he fled back to Pemberley for the winter. His car isn't even around that much! (I'm not even going to apologize for sounding creepy because what, are you new here?) (If you are new here you can check out the Netherfield tag and learn just how much I stalk Mr. Darcy.) (Stop interrupting me.) ANYWAY, I know the house isn't empty because there are lights on and other such signs of life. Just no people. 

Until yesterday! Twin and I were leaving the house as Mr. Darcy pulled into his driveway. And then, as we walked down our driveway, Mr. Darcy slowly reversed his car down his own driveway. When we got in the car, I turned to Twin and said, "Well that was it. He was probably checking us out and is now determining that we are barely tolerable. It's all going to plan. ...Also, rude. We are far better than barely tolerable." 

I'll spare you details about Twin's reply, although if you're imagining that she rolled her might be right. 

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