Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Wedding Season is upon us.

I'm concerned that I didn't make myself clear in Monday's blog post. I realize that I told you engagement season is upon us, but that didn't mean ALL OF YOU HAD TO GO AND GET ENGAGED. 

After my five wedding summer/autumn, I was pretty excited to take a break. Get away from the place cards, the painful slow dances during which I sit and openly mock happy couples, and hoping there will be attractive men in attendance. (Ok, the mocking is actually pretty fun. But that's not the point!) That's not in the cards, it would seem. It would seem that everyone is against me. It would seem that I'll need to find another All Purpose Dress to wear all summer. It would seem that all of you hate me. I've received three save the date cards for next summer and based on the email I just answered with my mailing address, another is on the way. FOUR WEDDINGS and it's only December 4th. (Weddings in three states and two countries, in case you were keeping track. Which is more than this year's five weddings in three states.) 

However, I have to give a huge shout out to all five of this year's weddings. Every single one of you skipped the bouquet toss, saving me a feigned urgent phone call or possibly a post-breakup fit in the bathroom after being pushed to the dance floor because I'm single. Also, A+ music selections this year. Brides, you're the best. High fives to each of you. 

I can only hope this next crop of weddings can live up to such praise. It's going to be a long holiday season. 

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