Thursday, June 20, 2013

An Explanation.

Remember that time I told you I had been hiding a relationship? 

It was not fun to write that. It took me more drafts than I ever write. I debated even writing it. It felt maybe too soon. But then I realized two things: 1. I like writing honestly here. You guys are a weird little social circle for me. 2. You HAVE to hear this. Seriously. I saved part of the story for a separate post. And that's what brings us here today. 

Things ended because of the silence. He stopped communicating with me. That's probably the shittiest part of it. I fought for him, fought for our relationship, and he gave up on me. Two months of silence, excluding a couple "I'm sorry for being bad at this relationship" texts. 

AND THEN...I got a text that changed everything. 

We exchanged a few messages, where I essentially asked where the hell he'd been. I didn't hear back--but time zones. I woke up that Saturday morning to a reply. 

"I guess I just needed some space." 

I shit you not, internet. SPACE. My long distance boyfriend, literally THOUSANDS of miles and the Atlantic Ocean away, needed space. (He guessed.) 

HOW COULD I GIVE HIM MORE SPACE? After thousands of miles, it's really moot to want MORE space, as far as I can figure. More space than that is...single, right? 

He had two months to come up with an answer--he had to figure I'd ask, right? Because I'm human. This man had two months to formulate his reply and the best he can do is SPACE. That's ballsy. It led to quite the rant in my neighbor's driveway as she worked in her garden. (Yes, I went over and stood there yelling in my pajamas. We're really casual in the suburbs.) 

I never got more explanation. That's the last message I got. 

So I gave him more space.

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