Tuesday, October 01, 2013

A Congressional Interlude.

Alright...I don't tend to talk politics around here, although if you've been around long enough you've likely gained some insight on my views. But it's a slow news day for me. Sorry--no ex boyfriend ranting today.

Today I'm embarrassed. Generally, there is a lot about the US that makes me proud, even though that can be an unpopular opinion. It's not perfect. But I know a lot of people who do a pretty awesome job representing this country. 

Not today. I'm embarrassed that our elected officials have decided to put their own agenda first. Last night at midnight the US government shut down. They shut down because they couldn't agree on a budget--or health care. They disagree on providing affordable health care options to Americans and the end result is a Congressional temper tantrum. Congress adjourned at midnight and took their toys home. They met again at 9:30 this morning. Until they resolve the budget, hundreds of thousands of government employees are not working or getting paid. Still more--essential employees--are working without pay. Some of these positions are jobs you could certainly never convince me to take...people like air traffic controllers and prison guards. 

The good news is that at least members of Congress are still getting paid during this shutdown. Over $600 each day. 

This is embarrassing. Today I am not proud of what we're doing. I've said it before but I'll repeat myself--this is a piss-poor example we're setting for young people. They deserve more from us. What I am proud of is all the people going to work and doing their jobs without a paycheck. I'm proud of the people who care about their jobs so much that they're not celebrating these unexpected days off. I wish more members of Congress felt that way. If they did, perhaps they would not have adjourned at midnight and gone home to get a solid night's sleep before starting again. Perhaps they would have done what many of us do when faced with a deadline--keep working and do the job in front of us and sacrifice a little comfort because we didn't do our job

I expect more. I expect better. 

Maybe tomorrow. 

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