Monday, September 30, 2013

Getting back to dating?

I went on a date. 

It was my first post-relationship date. We have mutual friends and after we met he got my number and texted me a picture of his dog. (As far as I'm concerned, that's like sending me flowers.) We met for drinks that weekend and we talked for a few hours. He made me laugh and then drove me home. 

It was remarkably normal. It wasn't dramatic, sweeping love at first sight, but it wasn't a disaster. I didn't do anything stupid or embarrassing. I didn't talk about my ex. He didn't say anything that threw up a red flag. He was really cool and I had a nice time. I smiled when he texted me a few days later. 

And while it did make me realize that I'm fine "getting back out there" or whatever nonsense everyone keeps telling me, it also made me realize that I'm totally not into anything serious right now. So it wasn't a total loss. 

The other thing I keep hearing is to try internet dating. I'm telling you, I am the worst candidate for internet dating. I'm not saying that because I'm terrified I'll meet a serial killer and have my story told in a Lifetime movie, although that thought does live in the back of my mind. (Get someone awesome to play me. Seriously, you have my permission to start weird internet campaigns, in the event of my untimely internet dating demise.) I just know myself, and I know that I'm way too quick to judge when it comes to reading bios. I can find something wrong with every profile and never feel the need to talk to anyone. I do much better in person. I give people more of a chance when I meet them face to face. If your profile is all about your love of football, I'm clicking away immediately. But if I meet someone who's really into football but he talks about it in an engaging and interesting way, then I'm considering him. 

Internet dating just makes me feel like I should take a self-defense class. Besides, who has time for internet dating when there's a neighbor to stalk? 

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