Thursday, October 03, 2013

Quick update while my cupcakes are in the oven...

October's only just started and already I'm a disaster. Which is, I suppose, my way of saying that everything is pretty standard around here! Anyway, I've got cupcakes baking, so let's see what's new...

Last weekend I learned that I am NOT the world's worst bartender, when I volunteered to pour beer at a local fundraiser. Being behind the taps is a great way to scope out all the men coming through and talk to all of them--but only for a moment. Then they have to leave! It's perfect. Also, the guys who work for the beer distributor told me I was doing a great job, even when I made The Face at patrons. (That would be my "no fucks left to give" face.) And when I lied to them. (Ok, so these two old ladies ordered root beer--the brewery also makes their own--and came back up to tell me it was flat. Ladies, that shit just came out of a keg. I made The Face and turned back to the growing line of people. They said it again, so I told them it was brewed that way. I may have said something about "small batch brewing" even though I DON'T KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS, made The Face again, and then continued pouring beer. One of the beer guys was laughing to himself, so I think that means he heard me. He didn't stop me, though. And by the way, no one complained about the root beer for the rest of the night, so I'm guessing either it was fine or word got around about the whole small batch flat root beer thing.) 

This month I'm in and out of town pretty regularly. I have a couple fundraisers to attend, some family things (but with the fun family members), a conference, and--because it's been so long since I attended one--a wedding. The bride and groom have foolishly and dangerously offered me a modicum of power at this wedding, so naturally I'm pretty excited. At least, I will be excited until they wrest the power away from me after I become drunk from it. 

I can't tell you much about the conference yet, but there is plenty of room for me to make a fool of myself, so that's something to look forward to--for all of you, anyway. 

Since we're catching up today, I thought I'd leave you with a picture. I've been going through bookshelves, trying to get my life in order. (Oh, and also trying to find a job HAHA.) Over the course of this blog, I've accumulated various books about relationships, in hopes that they might prove useful in my writing. Most of them are from used book sales and friends who've gifted them. It paints a very interesting picture of my life, particularly if you didn't know about this blog. 

PS--Seeing a lot of new traffic here lately--craziness!--so welcome! Unless you're one of my exes or those ladies who complained about their root beer.

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