Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mountain Day!

Today is a major holiday. At least, for myself, fellow alums, and current students of Smith College. It's Mountain Day! Mountain Day is one of the best traditions from my alma mater...waking up to all the college bells ringing on a lovely, random fall day because, according to the college president, it's too beautiful to go to class. Everyone gets the day off. We spent my Mountain Days going to brunch, apple picking, a trip to Shelburne Falls, and always frolicking outside. It's a wonderful tradition, made even better because Smith emails all the alums to tell them it's Mountain Day and then I spend 20 minutes on facebook liking everyone's nostalgic Mountain Day updates. We live vicariously. I'm hoping to find time to go outside and frolic later. It's good for the soul. 

As long as Mr. Darcy isn't in his yard when I do. If he is, I'll have to frolic in the front yard or in the park. 

Find some time to sneak outside for some fresh air today! 

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