Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Weekly Mr. Darcy Update

I spied on Mr. Darcy this weekend. I don't mean that I spotted him and then went along with my day. I mean that I heard him mowing the lawn, peeked through the curtains, and watched him cut the grass for a while, ducking my face back inside when he was heading in my direction. 

It was totally worth it, he is a good looking man. 

Spent some time with my neighbors (the ones I know, not the ones I stare at) trying to figure out plans to lure him outside. They had some good, solid ideas (hey, I might need to borrow a chainsaw sometime, right?). I'm not going to lie to you, though--my idea was the best. 

Except instead of money, I'm going to use freshly baked cookies. I'll sit on my porch holding the string and wait for him to wander outside and BAM--trapped. My plan is flawless.

Does anyone have a refrigerator box I can borrow? 

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