Thursday, August 15, 2013

Book Review...sort of.

A few days ago I posted a link on my twitter page for this website that...someone shared. (Sorry friends. Whoever it was, you have great taste.) It's called Forty Days of Dating--and you should absolutely go read it, once you're done here. 

Basically, two friends with terrible track records in the dating department decide to date each other for forty days, to see if they can sort their shit out. He's got commitment issues and dates around a lot. She falls in love and throws herself into relationships easily. And I can't stop reading. They actual experiment started in March, but the blog started in June. Each blog post chronicles one day in the experiment. The final blog post is late next week. 

Seriously, I love this blog. I want to tell you more--surprisingly, I have a lot of opinions on it--but I'm going to wait until it's over. 

So, lovely readers, challenge: go read. It won't take you long. Go check out Forty Days of Dating and keep an eye on this site for my thoughts. (Probably the week of August 26th? Let's leave some room for flexibility there.) Then we'll treat the comments section as a sort of book club discussion--everybody can grab a drink or some snacks (...because that's how book clubs work, right? I mean...that's what mine is all about.) and it'll be fun. I think. 

Or it will suck. Either way, I'm excited. Now go read! 

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