Monday, August 19, 2013

Spying on Netherfield

Since Netherfield is in the suburbs, Mr. Darcy's living room windows are right next to my driveway. I was taking out the trash on Thursday night and noticed that he has nice curtains hanging in that room, and that the lights were on. A chance to peek inside! As I was very nearly pressing my face against the glass I noticed him lounging on his couch...facing the window. 

Thanks to my him watching TV and my quick reflexes (...ok, mostly the television) I dodged away before he could see me.** STILL didn't get a good view of him. Better luck next time, I suppose. 

Some observations: 1. Mr. Darcy has pretty good taste in furniture. What I saw, anyway. 2. He also has a coat rack! Hello, adulthood. Who are you trying to impress? (It's working.) 3. Mr. Darcy lays on the couch a little bit "paint me like one of your French girls," except clothed. 

Twin and I are determined to get a better view. Soon. Whatever it takes. 
Get ready, Netherfield: Bennet sisters are about to be creeping in your windows. 

EDIT: The above was written on Friday evening. On Saturday, there were huge new developments. (If you follow me on twitter or facebook, you perhaps caught wind of this. If you're not following me...well why aren't you?) Twin and I were moving things in the garage and our neighbors, Krush and Chi-Chi came over to help. I glanced over and saw that Mr. Darcy was grilling in his backyard. I quietly caw-cawed so everyone saw what I was seeing. (Yes, that is literally what I did. Don't ask.) Now, Krush and Chi-Chi have met Mr. Darcy before. As I tried not to stare at Mr. Darcy's back, Krush called over and said hello. After he greeted us, she asked if he'd met me before. Mr. Darcy jogged over to the fence to shake my hand. We had a little chat before he went to tend to his grill. Krush is the greatest. 

(Fun fact: they met Mr. Darcy while I was out of the country. Apparently afterwards they noted that he was attractive and that I'd appreciate that. Chi-Chi said, "Oh, this will be fun." TOO TRUE.)

You guys. It's the worst. Mr. Darcy IS handsome. He was friendly and charming. HOW CAN I LIVE NEXT DOOR TO A CHARMING AND HANDSOME MAN? Do you know how often I wear yoga pants? 
But he didn't do the aloof, brooding Darcy thing. Maybe he's really Mr. Bingley? After all, he is rumored to have some sort of alleged girlfriend. (No details on that situation yet. All sources report that she's lovely, though. Dammit.) I'm still largely uninformed about who is living there and perhaps his mysterious roommate is actually Mr. Darcy.

On top of all this, a new concern arises: I need to start using his real name when I'm off-blog speaking about this. What if I accidentally call him Mr. Darcy to his attractive face? 

Oh man. This WILL be fun... 

**I think. 

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