Thursday, August 08, 2013

Netherfield Update: News from my Absence

I left town for a month shortly after Mr. Darcy moved in. This was terrible timing, but Twin has your back and took notes in my absence. 

Apparently it took a full week for any signs of curtains to appear. Starting then and continuing even now, an upstairs window has bluish haze which appears to be a tarp. We are all hoping this is a result of some sort of home improvement project, rather than a frat boy attitude towards window treatments. 
Weekends see many cars come and go from Netherfield, Twin reports. We'll have to wait until moving chaos calms down before we know if this indicates a busy social life or just helpful friends moving boxes. On the plus side, he's quiet and there have been zero emergency vehicles.

Twin has only had one sighting of him. He was out back speaking to my dad and borrowing tools. Mr. Darcy is rather elusive. 

I saw him yesterday! Well...the top of his head. I heard a great deal of noise and my investigation revealed that he was working on his back lawn. He's not as tall as I was led to believe, as I could only make out the top of his head over the hedges. Curly hair was sticking out from a baseball hat, and he did not reveal his face to me as I peered through some curtains. I can make no judgments on his appearance yet. 

Sadly, it would seem tragedy has struck our budding story. In what I can only describe as a complete failure, the Dad News Network missed a huge detail in this man's life! It took my mother a three minute conversation with his mother to learn that our Mr. Darcy has a girlfriend! And she's apparently moving in, not that I've seen any sign of her. 

I know what you're thinking, and YES, this is the same mother who inquired after young single women when speaking with my father! These are some seriously conflicting accounts. My mother's best guess is that his mother does not care for the girlfriend. I'm looking into this theory, as well as the claim that Mr. Darcy has a younger, spiky haired brother. Rest assured--the Bennets will get to the bottom of this issue. 

It's been raining all week, so I've no excuse for being in the backyard for more than a moment or two...hopefully the weather will cooperate and I can spend some quality time peering over a book into the next yard. 

BREAKING: As I was preparing to post this, I heard more news of Netherfield. It would seem Mr. Darcy is getting a roommate--and not the younger brother or girlfriend. (Does this mean Mr. Darcy is really Mr. Bingley? I've confused my own storyline.) There is still hope, dear readers. 

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