Thursday, May 23, 2013

Weekend plans? Great.

So tomorrow I'm attending a wedding. The wedding of a high school friend. More specifically, my ex-boyfriend's wedding. My first boyfriend. The one I've had a...tumultuous relationship with, to say the least. 

WAIT UP I just checked and I'm not sure I ever filled you in on that. It's long and complicated, so I'll give you the highlights. 
--We dated when we were 16, for about half a summer. 
--I have another great story about that for another time.
--We broke up and even that was no simple matter. He seemed to feel really guilty, even though I agreed with him. 
--Despite his use of "We should just be friends," we did not, in fact, remain friendly. And by that I mean I tried to be friendly and he ignored me. 
--I think I wrote him a letter about his callous, asshole behavior in our mutual friend group? I'm not sure I'd advise my young self to do that, if given the opportunity...
--We finally got to the friend place again. It helped that he had a new girlfriend. 
--Things were slightly weird in college, but we didn't see each other much. 
--After college, he developed feelings again. I did everything I could to discourage these feelings, considering they were not reciprocal. 
--There was a pretty terrible bar conversation about New Years kisses, causing me to change my NYE plans to avoid unwanted kissing. 
--Things were silent between us for a while.
--He sent me anonymous Valentine's Day flowers. 
--HE SENT ME VALENTINE'S DAY FLOWERS. (It bears repeating.)
--He was mad that I didn't like them and I was mad that he kept calling to talk about it and I hung up on him repeatedly and he called anyway and tried to tell me they were friendly. 
--That was a few years ago and we're (basically) good now! 

He's getting married tomorrow. Did I seriously never tell you guys about getting red and pink Valentine's Day flowers from my ex? HOW DID I LET THAT HAPPEN? 

So...that's my life now. Keep an eye on my twitter, because it's sure to be entertaining! 


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