Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pop Quiz!

Alright kids, put on your thinking caps. Time for a Tuesday pop quiz! Read the following text message.

"I was wondering when you were gonna come play with me. Pool, that is."

The author of this text message:

A.) Is a friendly guy who wanted to make sure there was no confusion! That might have been embarrassing!

B.) Awkwardly informed you that he has a girlfriend prior to this text.

C.) Is a common douchebag who happens to possess just enough charm to be initially disarming.

D.) Is trying a little too hard but hopes maybe you guessed A. and will roll your eyes but smile and reply. And come play. ...Billiards, of course.

Pencils down!

**If you guessed B, C, and D, you're correct! If you guessed A then you clearly forgot about B and were fooled by C.

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