Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Favorite Things

If I had to choose two kinds of candy to eat for the rest of my life (which would be a terrible decision, but let's just pretend here) it would easily be Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Kinder Surprise Eggs. (Twizzlers, you are third place in my heart, but this isn't a blog post about you. Chill out.)

Kinder Eggs are a magical chocolate/toy combo which are impossible to find in America. At least in all the parts of America I've searched. They're a delightful chocolate egg shell with a toy inside. Most of the toys require assembly and sometimes there are stickers involved in the process. It's amazing. (But the small pieces are why, I imagine, you can't find these here. Apparently American children are more likely to swallow little pieces than European children. Or maybe Europeans just don't care and they're like, "Whatever, we love these damn things.")

Right, back to my point. They are amazing. I used to get them as an occasional treat for myself when I lived in Ireland, and came back with a small box full of toys. I've also managed to find Kinder Eggs in all the countries I've visited. Guatemala was tough, but I prevailed! Success! So naturally, I gleefully bought a couple packages of them when I was in Canada a few months ago.

Come Christmas morning, I opened a present from my mother which turned out to be The Most Amazing Present of the Year. A Kinder Ball. Imported from Canada, it was a Kinder Egg the size of my face! (...ish.)
Ok, so it's a little smaller than my face, but it made me go all crazy eyes anyway. Sorry about that.

I decided that this thing should absolutely not be eaten in one sitting. However, I know myself too well and figured it probably would be, if Twin helped. So I waited. I waited until after the holidays and all the eating that goes with them. Then I cracked it open.

Look at that. That is glorious.

It was totally worth it. The Twin and I ate it all, then could not move for a while. I steered clear of chocolate for a while, and decided it was totally worth it. My toy was a card game. An awesome animal match game in a little box. It's fabulous. (I love things that come in little boxes or little bags. You should see my luggage when I travel. Most things have their own individual bag. It makes for a labyrinthine experience, especially since I look for the luggage with the most pockets possible.)

Thanks Mom! (It totally made up for your hilarious other gift.)

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