Tuesday, February 09, 2010

A few things about men...

...and the Best Dad Quote of the Week.**

You may remember me writing about B, an ill-fated set-up. While chatting with a mutual acquaintance, she asked if I'd ever met up with B.
"No, I never heard from him," I said in a manner that I hoped was casual. (Survey says: probably not.)
"Oh, that's too bad! You know, he's shy. He was probably waiting for you to contact him."
(No. Invalid. Time to man up.)
This was a delicate situation. I didn't want to get into it. I also didn't want to give the impression that I spent nights crying while I stared at my facebook homepage, willing B to write on my wall.
"Oh, that's too bad," I carefully said. "He seemed like a nice guy." (Read: It's too bad he couldn't step up and act like a man. I figured he'd be past the juvenile bullshit.)

I guess it's time for me to jump on the Super Bowl commercial bandwagon. Underwhelming? Yeah. For sure. I did like the Google ad, though not for the reasons many women seem to be swooning. (Have a look at twitter for further proof.) There are women who would like to live in the first half of a Nicholas Sparks novel, before anyone dies tragically. They seem to have walked away from the Google ad thinking, "If only I lived in Paris, a dreamy man would fall head over heels for me and our babies would be adorable! And have dual citizenship." This sad fantasy...was not what I got from it. (Nor, I'm sure, what Google intended.) I thought it was a fantastic take on story-telling.
Lots of the ads, however...seemed like they were written by angry, scorned women intent on showing men how horrible they are. A mirror into their own stupidity. (No, I promise I did not have a hand in any of the commercials.) Which is surprising, given that a fair few men watch the Super Bowl. And advertising companies know that. Hmm.

Best Dad Quote of the Week**
In the car today with my father: "Who is Bret Michaels?...He's on that Donald Trump show about being a boss."
I cannot make this up. My father is a man in his 70s.
"Well, Dad...he's an aging former rocker from the 80s who now has a tacky dating show where he courts unfortunate women. Also, I'm pretty sure he's bald under that bandana and fake hair."

**I reserve the right to unseat this quote at any time, should something better come along.

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