Sunday, August 16, 2009

I guess it's time to hide in the library?

Today was supposed to be a lazy Sunday. I was all set to be pajama-clad in front of some movies. But the phone rang, and a darling friend of mine invited me out. He was joining a bunch of friends at the park for some outdoor fun and games.
I assured him that I was all about working on my tan and being in the water (which was promised!) so off we went! Once assembled at the park (where there was in fact NO LAKE) we started our afternoon with some volleyball. I tried to get out of it, citing my tan as a reason to not play. But my friend...oh, he would hear nothing of it!

I am not good at sports. I have pretty much zero athletic ability. I've tried! I haven't quite found the sport I'm good at yet. (And that's ok because I'm only 25? Hmm.)

I did my best with volleyball, though! I mean, we were playing for real (everyone took a turn serving! are we being graded here??) so it was a little daunting. I hit the ball a couple times, even! Check me out.
Post-volleyball, we were discussing capture the flag and waiting for the rest of our party. Apparently we decided to pick teams? So two captains were chosen, including my darling friend. (Keep this in mind for later!) I was like, "Oh, why are we PICKING??? I'm having middle school gym flashbacks!!" We then proceeded to joke around about me being picked last, and how I should just do a quick calculation about who would be last and join the team right away. We joked around about how a few kids were coming so having a 9 year old there would balance out my (mad) skills.

Cut to us picking teams. I'm sitting RIGHT NEXT to my previously mentioned friend as he captains it up. And they're building teams, going around the group. I'm sitting quietly, waiting my turn. I'm silently thinking that he can't possibly be picking me last, because we just talked about that! Is he serious?

Other captain: "And then I'll have the 9 year old. So we're good?"

..."Guys, did you forget Amanda?"

YEAH, THEY FORGOT ABOUT ME. I didn't even get picked LAST! I just didn't get picked at all. Is that better or worse? Thanks, friend. **

Don't worry, it's just self-esteem. It'll grow back.

**I still love you. It's cool. Today was a really good day, and you redeemed yourself during zombie tag.

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