Thursday, September 11, 2008

"This is so going on my blog!"

Was defs my first reaction to the new facebook.

Facebook, I was never shy about you being my favorite social networking site. I have forgiven a lot during our relationship. You introduced the status change, and that was kind of weird but I learned to love it. Then along came gifts, which I embraced. You allowed anyone with an email address to join, and I came around to that. Applications were added left and right and I still can't log in without being invited to add something. I learned to filter out the crap and have found some I love. One day, you finally listened and I was able to change not only my status but the accompanying verb! That was a good day. We have been through a LOT.

But THIS. Ohhhh, Facebook. What were you thinking! This new Facebook is absolutely ridiculous. I can't find anything! Why is my status in size 47 font? Where is everything? Why can't I just look at someone's whole profile at one time?

Sigh. Please don't make me go back to Friendster. Nobody is there anymore.


Anonymous said...

Facebook is fucking retarded lately.

I mean, the only reason I used Facebook is because Myspace was way too busy for me, and now Facebook has little things popping up everywhere and I'm about ready to tell it to go fuck itself.

What is it with the world trying to make everything SO MUCH MORE COMPLICATED?!?!?!

Amanda said...

Whenever I visit Facebook, I talk about quitting altogether. But like a bad relationship, I just can't envision my life without it. Healthy!

I would like to know the same thing--why is EVERYTHING so complicated?!