Thursday, February 28, 2008

Leap Year...

Recently, an article was brought to my attention by a neighbor, mentioning Leap Day. It sounds like it’s become an urban legend saying Leap Day is the ideal day for women to do the proposing. Tricia had an interesting point on the whole thing: a leap of faith. She says tomorrow is the day to make a leap of faith and do whatever it is you’re afraid to do. What do you think? Is Leap Day, tomorrow, the perfect day to do something scary? I guess I like the idea that, worst case scenario, you don’t have to relive that day for 4 more years. It becomes an invisible action until February 29, 2012.
So, readers, what potential mistakes would you make tomorrow?

I might smile, or maybe keep my mouth shut when I see a public display of affection.

Maybe not.

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Anonymous said...

My leap was I hit as many people as I could with snowballs this morning. This means I hit two people with snowballs. One of them tried to throw me into a snowbank and give me a whitewash, deterred only when he realized he could potentially throw me down the stairs instead of the intended bank.

So I stopped after two.