Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Grandma Files.

Blah, for the past couple weeks my grandmother has been back and forth between her nursing home and the hospital. Poor woman. It's so hard to see her go to the emergency room--she's 91 and there's not a lot that we want done to her. So she goes in and complains about the IV and tries to pull it out and then she gets feisty and the nurses have to tell her a billion times why she can't get out of bed and then of course she forgets. We just wait for her to get the doctor's ok to go back.

What a good time.

In other news, we have this week off at school, so our Valentine celebration was yesterday. Despite my general loathe for the holiday, I like elementary school celebrations--because it's just about candy. I'm ok with that sort of priority list. I even consented to wear some pink and red for school spirit day. (I mostly wore black, so don't panic.) The nice part at their age is that it's not a romantic holiday. One of my 5th grade boys brought me an NBA Valentine...can you get LESS romantic than that? I love it!

I have to run now, because guess who isn't feeling well this morning? Oh yeah, my gram. I'll be back soon, internet. Fear not.

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