Friday, March 28, 2014

What Kept Me from Blogging This Week?

Sorry if I got your hopes up for some interesting content today. (And most of you are like, yeah my hopes are never very high when I click here WELL GOOD low expectations from the start is also my tactic for impressing men.) 

So what kept me from updating this week? 

Well, on Monday I was totally useless following a weekend-long training. I was going over my notes and working on the to-do list that my weekend created. Also I was recovering from late nights sitting on cement floors with my friends, very few hours sleeping on a bunk bed, and long productive days. Then I met some friends for a beer, which included spying on/live-tweeting a couple dates at the bar. And doing a shot with one of the couples?? And panicking that he somehow knew I was tweeting about his date? And a lemon drop was his way of saying, I'm on to you and I'm not as weird as you're telling the internet? 

It's not like I gave away any identifying details about him, his date, or their location. But when a stranger talks to you while you're composing a tweet about him winking at his date, a bit of paranoia steps in. I think everything is ok though. 

The rest of my week was full of meetings, fundraiser stuff, puppysitting, mile-long to do lists, and potential job stuff. I wish I had more scandalous things to tell you about, trust me. 

And now here we are, with a disappointingly short** blog post. I'm trying to make this quick as I was just flirting with a migraine for a few hours and I'm planning on getting away from screens for a while. 

**Don't you dare make the obvious joke that I've accidentally set up here. You're better than that.

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