Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Weekend Updates

Have I been neglecting you, readers? I feel like I have. Here are a few updates and things you might have missed...

1. I still haven't taken my Chia Pet out of the box. I'm afraid. But I will! Do I have to name it or anything, or will just keeping it alive be enough? 

2. I spent a lovely, freezing afternoon shoveling snow with Mr. Darcy. We made eye contact once but he preferred to shovel in silence. How smitten he must be, to persist in ignoring me even as circumstances pushed us together! Any day now I believe we'll have our second conversation. 

3. My ex popped up on a mutual friend's facebook last week and it was just annoying. A matter of, ugh, get off my computer screen. Then I noticed his new profile picture and thought, I'm not attracted to this man. Then over the weekend, it was Overshare Story Time with my cousins and I mentioned something about him. Saying it out loud made me realize that our relationship probably wouldn't have lasted, even if he had been speaking to me. It was pretty great! 

4. St. Patrick's Day was Monday and I met a few friends for a beer. We skipped our usual spots and hit up a place we seldom visit. The people watching did not disappoint. Not only did it inspire a new project, but it provided hours of entertainment. St. Patrick's Day also creates crowded bars, which is a perfect setting for my favorite public place game. And yes, the holiday also makes me miss my year in Ireland and yes, I'm that horrible person who wants to tell you how much better Guinness tastes in Ireland SORRY I CAN'T HELP IT IT'S TRUE. 

5. Here's a fun video you should probably watch. I'll never be over this song. 

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