Thursday, February 06, 2014

Turn to page 45.

There's been a string of emails in the last 12 hours among some college friends, which began with one of the girls catching up on The Bloggess. (This is a fantastic life choice.) One recent post is about this image, making the rounds on facebook and tumblr. 

This is the kind of thing that we all think is very silly, until we allow ourselves a half second teenage regression and think what the hell? And suddenly you have to know. It's the same reason all your facebook friends are taking quizzes to find out which Mean Girls character they are. (If you're curious, I got Ms. Norbury, which shouldn't come as a surprise.) It was this moment of weakness that led to all of us searching for the closest book. M found that the closest book to her was The Princess Bride. Her results were respectable--page 45 includes a bit about bare chests, so there's a lot of potential. L finds herself between two books--Mary Poppins and some sort of "adult" fiction. Although her results will be wildly different, I think either one will yield something interesting. Poor S, however, finds her studious self sitting near a book about the application of research methods. The title is not sexy, but we'll hold out hope that page 45 produces something we can twist into a "that's what she said." 

It's been very entertaining, and I feel certain that at least some of you are glancing around casually for a book. Because you have to know, right? 

Oh, me? Well, I'm next to my copy of I Am Malala. Because if there's anything that will accurately sum up my love life, it's a book about a young woman getting shot in the face.**

"Student organizations which had been banned under Zia became very active." I will leave that here without commentary. 

So, what did you find? 

**Real talk: I think Malala is incredible and I'm really enjoying her book. 


JellyBeans said...

"But wheras Brown and Duguid concentrated on the social dimension of information and information behavior, Solomon sees a richer context still, one that also embraces time and personal proclivity." p. 45, xoxoS

Amanda said...

Hmm. This activity isn't proving very successful. I think you could twist that into something, though!