Friday, March 22, 2013

It's just a break, guys.

Alright, so you won't be seeing any posts for a few days. I'm going out of the country. I KNOW I ALWAYS DO THIS. 

This time I'll only be gone until the 31st, but since I'm doing fun/work stuff, I'll be away from the internet. Try not to miss me too much, ok? 

(That's similar to a speech I got one time. Fun fact.) 

Please prepare yourselves for when I return, though. I have some letters sitting in my inbox, along with--are you ready--FAN MAIL.That's right, I actually got fan mail. And it's fabulous. But you don't get to know about it until I return from Scandinavia. In my absence, feel free to send me more letters, or re-read old ones, or write me a poem and send some fan mail. 

Later, kids! 

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