Monday, March 11, 2013

I would like to talk about Nutella.

I'm not here to wax poetic about Nutella, although could I ever. I'm just going to assume that (barring any dietary restrictions keeping you from enjoying it) you're all fans of Nutella. It makes me feel better to think that my readers have good taste. 

Have you noticed that cooking with Nutella is A Thing? I mean, look at any recipe blog you want. They're FULL of recipes for Nutella cookies, Nutella meringues, cupcakes with Nutella buttercream frosting, Nutella stuffed french toast, Nutella milkshakes, 5 minute Nutella mug cakes, Nutella hot chocolate--seriously, it's everywhere. I was browsing today on foodgawker, which is the place to avoid if you're even a little bit hungry because FOOD PORN, and there pages and pages of recipes. I stopped when I hit Nutella eggnog because I don't want to live in a world where people cross that line. That's just not necessary, Internet. 

I'm not against these treats. I'm just questioning the need for them. I mean...would I order a molten Nutella lava cake at a restaurant? Absolutely. But am I going to stand in my kitchen, open up a jar of Nutella...and then make Nutella mousse? No. No, I am not. Not even a little bit. There is MAYBE a 1% chance I will cook with it. On the rare occasion I find myself in my kitchen with that pretty little jar in my hands, I open it up and eat it. With a spoon, because those have zero calories. No extra carbs in a spoon, you know. I think we should all stop pretending that we're buying Nutella because the neighbors are having a potluck and we want to impress them with Nutella pumpkin bread. We're not going to so much effort when the raw product is so freaking good to begin with. Step out from behind the lie, Internet. 

I did try the hot chocolate, though, and it was DELICIOUS. 

I bet they're delightful. Do I need the recipe? Not at all. 

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