Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Norway Review (10 out of 10, would recommend for future travel.)

Sure signs I've been away at summer camp (although this one was a spring camp):

  • a wrist full of new bracelets
  • mysterious bruises everywhere, a result of sitting on the floor, running around, and playing random games with teenagers
  • all my yoga pants are in the laundry
  • non-American currency jingling around in my purse
  • whatsapp is blowing up on my phone
  • a crop of strange pictures on facebook (seriously, am I ever prepared to be photographed?) 
I'm home now, having spent 10 days hanging out with some awesome new people, giving teenage boys much-needed relationship advice, gossiping, exploring a fjord, portraying the murderer in an elaborate murder mystery, and talking about human rights with teenagers. I was also interviewed for a Norwegian newspaper. A pretty solid 10 days, if you ask me. 

It's back to regular blogging now. In the meantime, please enjoy this picture courtesy of one of my campers. I was unaware I was being photographed. This was just a face I was making. 

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