Sunday, November 21, 2010

Working hard.

As I write lesson plans today, I have on SoapNet to watch old episodes of One Tree Hill. (Judge me all you want, but that show is good.) But the episode that just ended, from season 5 in case you also enjoy One Tree Hill and would like to follow along with my rant, contains a major relationship mistake. (Ok, probably more than that but let's stay focused.)
Background: In an earlier episode, Lucas proposed to Peyton and she freaked out at the commitment involved. (Nothing wrong with that!) They stopped seeing each other and he got involved with another girl. (I don't want to talk about that.)
Anyway. In this episode, we learn that Lucas has proposed to New Girl! (Blech.) Using Peyton's engagement ring. Seriously. He proposed to a second girl using the first ring. Which, sure, he already had it and blah blah THAT IS NOT THE DREAM. Gentlemen, take note. If we have put up with you long enough to consider marrying you, we want our own ring! We don't want the She Said No ring from your past. We don't want the Well I Have This Ring So Maybe I Will Propose ring. We. Want. Our. Own. Ring. I think that should be very clear, in case anyone was hesitant.

Bonus: this season gets into the psycho nanny storyline.


Jill said...

AHHHH. That irked me majorly too! Men are clueless.

And oh God, psycho nanny. I don't have SoapNet anymore...I miss 90210 and One Tree Hill, like really bad ;-/

Amanda said...

I laughed about having that channel, but oh God do I love it.