Saturday, November 20, 2010

No seriously, I'm not done with this topic.

Recently saw a commercial for the Glade motion sensor unit which terrorized my house for quite some time. (A Google search tells me this is called the Sense and Spray. Do your best to avoid it.) It featured happy family members milling around a living room while the Glade hisses like mad.

I see what you're doing here, Glade. Obviously you've read my blog. And it must hurt to learn that not everybody loves your precious little Sense and Destroy. But this blatant personal attack? Is not cute. Or classy. Your unrealistic depiction of a family under the iron rule of your little minion is wholly misleading to the general public. Like I'm supposed to believe that this family isn't startled by the sudden output of noxious fumes? Like they don't mind the scent overtaking their home and threatening their safety? As if they actually ENJOY what is going on around them??

RIGHT. Better luck next time, Glade.

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