Sunday, November 07, 2010

Just like Michael Scott.

While flipping through People Magazine, I noticed a piece about the cast of Twilight settling into Baton Rouge while they film Breaking Dawn (or as I like to call it since reading the book, Breaking Awkward). Apparently, these stars have been frequenting their favorite places for pizza and coffee, California Pizza Kitchen and Barnes and Noble, respectively.

Seriously? CPK and Starbucks? This is news? Two things about this caused enough wrath to merit a blog post. First of all, this is a headline? Twilight Cast Likes Starbucks Coffee? Because this is a rare celebrity fact? As if People isn't littered with pictures of famous people holding Starbucks cups? That should be their new name, for heaven's sake! Thanks for the info, People!
Second of all...Twilight cast, I'm disappointed in you. Way to be so neophobic, guys. You can't stretch from the comfortable bubble long enough to find local places? At least that would be worth hearing. You know, something I can't find in the freezer section at Target? (Which, I'm willing to bet, is their favorite shopping haunt in Louisiana!)

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