Sunday, May 30, 2010

It's like a fairy tale.

I think the practice of going through one's phone numbers occasionally is a fine one. Useful, even. Today I got a text from someone doing just that, asking if the number was still Amanda. When he asked how we knew each other, I was not offended. When he apologized after learning the answer, I was still not offended. However. When he asked me out, I was Officially Offended.
From my perspective, the whole thing reads a little bit like, "How do I know you? Oh, right. I forgot that I sort of wanted to bang you. What do you say?" AND YOU CAN IMAGINE HOW I SWOONED.

Guys, we need a little more tact and a little less douchebaggery.

Oh, and if that isn't romantic enough for you, boy in question has a girlfriend. Major points deducted from considerable deficit.

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