Monday, March 08, 2010

New low.

It has been ten days since my laptop checked out. It has been seven days since I broke down and turned on my old dinosaur laptop. He's been holding out pretty well! If I don't try to do more than one thing at a time, anyway.
Because of this, I haven't been updating my blog or my twitter nearly as much as I'd like. (I can imagine that this is deeply troubling for you.) Luckily, I've kept notes! (Nerd.)

Things I Would Have Tweeted if My Computer Hadn't Decided to Go on Vacation
-All the snow fell off the front awning of my house. Was vaguely concerned about attacks. Remembered that snow falls. #loser
-My niece and I tried on my grandmother's and mother's wedding dresses, respectively. I only freaked out a little.
-Watched When Harry Met Sally.
-The twin had NEVER SEEN the Colin Firth Pride and Prejudice. Not acceptable. Thanks to, this is no longer an issue.
-I hate when the Kleenex box is almost empty and you pull way harder than necessary. #lifeishard
-20 or 30 tweets RE: the closing ceremonies of the Olympics.
-Jane Austen makes me want to sound smarter and more clever. (Good thing I tweet about Kleenex boxes, yes?)
-I missed the first showing of "The Marriage Ref"...I'll be sure to check it out next time!
-I have an exceptional talent for unclogging Elmer's glue bottles. Which is good, considering my line of work.
-Dear Children's Book Illustrators: Why must you draw naked butts of small children? It's more of a hassle than it's worth. Thanks, Amanda
-Cleaned my makeup brushes.
-My life is not very interesting, and twitter does not help to hide this in the least.
-I made cookies for work, and ended up making a huge freaking mess. I had flour and food coloring everywhere. Pink hands, anyone?
-Waiting on the phone with tech support is BORING.

Right around then I decided to stop making notes about my life, as it only served to damage my self esteem. There's no way I could keep it up for another week and still feel good about putting all that nonsense on the internet. (You're welcome.)

Would you like to know my favorite feature of the dinosaur laptop? It won't stay open by itself anymore, so I have to prop the screen against something. It makes the laptop considerably less mobile. I'm facing the wall right now to type. It's just sad.

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