Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Or you could send a letter.

All those advertisements for the US Census were not kidding--it does not take long. I spent somewhere around 5 minutes on the process, from opening the envelope to sealing the return envelope.

However. I'm not here to talk about filling out the census. Was anyone else disappointed to find a pre-census letter in their mailbox last week? "Hey America, in case you missed all of our television, radio, and print ads, we just want to let you know we're doing the census! This isn't it, but it'll be here soon, from this same address! Get ready!!!" Seriously? What a ridiculous waste of resources.

On the census form, there is an email address--it's meant for your use in the event that you have concerns about the paperwork. Thanks guys--I do have concerns! Keep an eye out and maybe send an email of your own.


Bob Hague said...

Believe it or not, the pre-mailings are meant to save money and increase efficiency.


Amanda said...

Hmm. I guess what I'm stuck on is how the letter is effective. I felt it was the kind of letter that gets glanced at and tossed aside. Which is probably what happens to a lot of actual census forms.
So...it doesn't look like there is an efficient way to accomplish this goal, does it?

Thanks for the link!

PS do you update anymore?

Bob Hague said...

It's called the "Dillman Method."


I thought the same thing as you.

I haven't been updating at all :( I seem to wander between creative outlets, and writing has fallen by the wayside as of late.

Glad to see you are still at it though!