Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Rush Limbaugh has said that if Congress passes the Health Care Reform, he's bailing and heading to Costa Rica.

Ok, so he's against it.

But...what is he hoping to accomplish with this stunt? If he goes...that's awesome, right?
What is he expecting? That we as a nation are going to collectively weep with the loss? Will we start an internet campaign to bring him home again; flee to Costa Rica in order to convince him of America's merits? Is this threat, this possibility of a society without Limbaugh, so terrible that we might let it change our minds on an issue of this importance?

Not so much.

I personally would offer to help the man pack, since his absence might mean I could sit through a family function without one particular cousin singing his praise as if Rush himself was paying by the word. One Christmas season without that special headache? Count me in.

I find it odd that Rush didn't do even a preliminary google search before selecting his destination. Considering Costa Rica has a government-run health care system and all.

PS--Hey, Costa Rica...sorry about that guy. Be sure to embrace him like we have!


bondwooley said...

Rush! Please move out of the country so that the rest of us can stop threatening to!

Video Link: The Last Straw


Brianne said...

let him go there. when he has his gazillionth heart attack and dies there because while he hates our health care system, it's not like he's one of the ppl that can't afford it...well...exactly.

he's such a douche.

Anonymous said...

Nobody tell Rush that Costa Rica has universal health care...