Sunday, September 06, 2009

Chicken! Christmas! Fun!

If you were to drive two hours north of me, you'd hit Frankenmuth, Michigan. The best way, I've found, to experience "Michigan's Little Bavaria" is to follow the directions I found on a flyer recently.
"Chicken! Christmas! Fun!"
This was what the flyer (and attached coupon!) promised. Ok. Seems wise to start with the family-style chicken dinner at the Bavarian Inn. Once sufficiently gorged on chicken, mashed potatoes, and noodles, you can check Chicken! off your t0-do list. Time for Christmas! Head to Bronner's...the largest Christmas store in the world. It's a veritable holiday wonderland, full of all the delights that Christmas holds...all year long.
love Christmas, clearly.)
By the time you've wandered the store, you've clearly completed the Christmas! part of your day, so check that off too.

If you cannot check Fun! off your list immediately thereafter, you did something wrong. Because it's more like an equation. "Chicken! + Christmas! = Fun!" It works every time, with no margin of error.

I would like to say, though, that the stuffing with the chicken dinner is the weakest link. It seems to be inconsistent--like they're still tinkering with the recipe. Bavarian Inn, I implore you to continue your tinkering. You'll get it right one day--it'll be able to proudly stand with the rest of your menu. Until then, it's holding its own. You just keep plugging away.

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This rocks like the Magikist!