Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Of course you do.

Hello, readers.

Do you like art? Do you support the pursuit of individual creativity and self-expression? Do you like the idea of voting for your favorites in something but dislike sitting through American Idol to do so?

Yes? You should check out ArtPrize, an international, privately-funded art competition. It opened today all over Grand Rapids. If you live near Grand Rapids, Michigan, you should check it out in person! Doing that lets you vote! (Why do we only stress the importance of that in November? Voting is always good.) There are venues displaying work all over the city. I can personally recommend San Chez Bistro, which is showing the work of a few artists AND serves delicious food. (And try the sangria. Do yourself a favor.)

Next question: do you like beer? Do you like seeing art that thinks outside the box? Do you think I'm kind of cool but someone with red hair, artistic talent, and the same genes would be even BETTER?

Still yes? Then check out 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall, featured at San Chez Bistro. You'll love it.**

**Not guaranteed, because it's art. You can't guarantee art.

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