Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Wedding Pros and Cons

I was at a wedding this weekend. 

SURPRISE SURPRISE. Weddings and wedding related events are like 65% of my social calendar. (Baby events are starting to creep in as well.)

Stuff I Like About Weddings: 
  • Dance party
  • Live tweeting
  • Jordan almonds
  • Excuse to travel and/or see friends
  • The happiness of my loved ones, I guess...?
Stuff I Dislike About Weddings:
  • Bouquet toss
  • Couples everywhere
  • Love is patient love is kind
  • Slow dancing
  • "One day it'll be your turn!"
  • Can we get all the couples on the dance floor?
  • Wonderful Tonight is a seriously overrated song
So high five to the friends who've found really awesome people to share lives and bathrooms and holidays with. (No, I won't tell you if you're one of them. If you are, you probably already know it.) Your weddings are the fun ones, because I'm not sitting there wondering how you've been together for so long or what you talk about or whether you actually like each other. I don't hate all relationships--I hate mediocre relationships and unhealthy relationships. I hate when people settle. And all that is because I know good ones exist. I mean, they're clearly not easy to FIND and they're not for everybody, but they exist. 

On the other hand, apparently I'm playing Wedding Survivor with my college friends and I am determined to win. Last single standing? Not a problem. 


mahnoor said...

Psh, you're going down.

Amanda said...

Girl I repel men from a distance greater than 4,000 miles.