Monday, November 25, 2013

My thoughts are all over the place today.

The holidays are quickly approaching and it has me thinking about all the reunions that are bound to happen. Reunions and labels are on my mind today.

With the exception of my middle school years, I've never paid a lot of attention to astrology. Middle school was when we were discovering Cosmo and Seventeen Magazine and reading our horoscopes in the back during sleepovers, desperately hoping they were correct and that some hottie WOULD ask for our number around the full moon, despite the fact that we didn't know any hotties and what on earth would we do if one actually spoke to us?

By now, fully aware that Cosmo lies and that hotties never in fact ask for your phone number, I'll glance at my predicted fate as I flip through magazines on an airplane or waiting for an appointment. (You never read old horoscopes, though--I learned that it's bad luck from a friend in Guatemala and I like that idea.) I would occasionally find my horoscope cut from the newspaper and tucked into a letter from my grandma during college. I found that rather charming and they're all taped into journals somewhere. I know my sign and the accompanying personality trademarks. 

I was born right on the cusp of Gemini and Cancer, so depending on the horoscope I can be either one. It came in handy during sleepovers--I would lay claim to whichever future sounded better. (And still may or may not do the same while I wait at the dentist.) 

Silly or not, I think my zodiac signs are actually quite fitting. (I can feel many of you skeptically rolling your eyes. Stop that.) Geminis are adaptable, talkative multitaskers. The idea of the twins is that their moods change quickly.  Geminis are a party...and somewhat fickle. I love meeting people. I love a good adventure and I travel as often as possible. (I'm sure you're well aware, considering how often I abandon you all.) To say that I'm well acquainted with Detroit Metro Airport is an understatement. 

Cancers, however, are homebodies. (It's the shelled-creature thing.) They have a maternal, protective instinct towards their loved ones. They also have an aversion to sharing their feelings. I've always loved coming home. Part of the fun of going on an adventure is knowing that home is waiting for you whenever it's over. I love having an anchor. 

(Did you notice that I skipped over that "sharing feelings" nonsense?) 

So. My zodiac signs work for me. I'm ok with those labels. But what about the ones that don't work for me? Lately I've been struggling with getting over labels from your past. Some of it is unavoidable. Family members you see once a year will ask about your boyfriend over Christmas dinner. Last Christmas he was a big topic, so how are they supposed to know that you haven't spoken in six months? You explain that he's a dick, refill your gin and tonic, and move on.** Those are the easy ones, though. Sometimes it's a bit trickier. What do you do when friends expect you to be an older version of the person they knew in high school? How do you explain a decade of changes? Why on earth should you have to? 


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