Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wedding Season. So soon.

Approximately 14% of my friends are planning weddings. 

Not in the way we planned weddings in middle school, when I had to choose which member of 'N Sync I wanted to walk with when my best friend married Justin Timberlake. (I always chose Lance--I really never saw it coming.) I mean real weddings. 

And SO MANY are happening in the sort-of-near-I-guess-I'm-still-waiting-on-official-dates future. I mean, I guess it's not so bad because I'm sure I'll have a lot to say about all of this. My facebook is all pinterest updates and dress fittings. (And how many times a day kids are pooping and shit...I've got to block more of those posts. Nobody cares, really.) 

So basically...this is your heads up. Wedding Season is upon us. Take cover. I have dresses to find and gift registries to peruse. (Seriously, I am not getting you a crème brûlée torch. Unless you swear on your first born that you're making me crème brûlée ASAP. That's how wedding gifts work, right?)

My future, obviously. Great. 


Rachel S said...

Yeah for Nsync Weddings! Those were the days!

Amanda said...

Those weddings would have been a blast.