Thursday, February 14, 2013

Alone today?

Of course you are. Otherwise you wouldn't be reading Bitter Amanda. On Valentine's Day. Be real. 

Have no fear, though. Here are some things to make you feel better: 

1. This dog who cannot walk in socks. I laughed so hard I cried actual tears. 

2. Red is not a flattering color on everyone. 

3. There is actually zero chance that you'll get dumped tonight if things go badly. There is also zero chance that someone will awkwardly propose to you way too early in the relationship because he's pretty sure that's what he should do next. In public. Hooray! No accidentally choking on diamond rings for you! Walk into work confident tomorrow, knowing that while you're alone, you're also no more alone that you were on Valentine's Day. That might not be the case for some people. 

Here's to 50% off chocolate tomorrow, friends! 

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