Monday, April 05, 2010

Skanks have feelings too. of Tiger's numerous mistresses (the porn star) (is it too ambiguous to say THE porn star? I'm not there just one?) has come out publicly saying that she'd like to speak to Tiger's wife. Her lawyer said she thought they could clear a lot up.

Really? What on Earth makes this woman think Tiger's wife will want to chat? "Oh, yeah, this is Elin returning a slutty phone call? I wanted to hear all about your side of the skanky affair with my famous husband! Starbucks in 20 minutes?"

Mistresses? Don't get to tell the sob story. They don't get apologies. They don't get sympathy. Not when they're the mistress of a famously married man. (You're a grown-up, you know better than that!)
They get made fun of.

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