Friday, April 09, 2010


The Cotton Alert placed on a Saturday sock, missing since December 30th, has been lifted after its recovery early Thursday morning.

The Saturday pair is one of seven sets--a Day of the Week set. During a routine laundry day in late December, one of the Saturday socks went missing. One month later, the sock had still not been located. Searchers suspected the worst. The other half of Saturday's pair was put aside in grief. Each laundry day, the search was halfheartedly renewed, yielding no positive results.

However, things changed early Thursday morning, when a pair of seldom-used pajama pants were apprehended from a local closet. Upon a further search, the long-missing Saturday sock was released from captivity within the confines of the pink fabric.

There appeared to be no damage. At last report, both sock and partner were doing well.
The pair reunites after 4 stressful months.

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