Tuesday, April 13, 2010

All the single ladies.

I spent this past weekend in greater Chicago, celebrating the wedding of a lovely friend from high school.
The scavenger hunt during the bachelorette party on Thursday was fun. Despite temperatures in the 40s, Team Amanda (yes my teammate was also named Amanda; total score) cleaned up. The Cheesecake Factory did not disappoint (Godiva chocolate cheesecake, I'm looking at you). But the highlight?
Sketchy pickup lines. The scavenger hunt tiebreaker was to come up with the best pickup line for a given situation. The bride read it to us and chose the winner. Team Amanda. Clearly. Am I proud? Absolutely.
It turned into not only our whole evening, but our whole weekend. We took turns reading a situation and judging the best line. (Dear table of gentlemen next to us, I enjoyed watching your eyes bug out as you clearly eavesdropped. Solitarily yours, Bitter Amanda) After the bachelorette party itself, we were still texting each other lines and searching for the others during the reception when we thought of a good one.

So, allow me to share that first, tie-breaking pickup line situation. The one that started it all. Feel free to share your best lines for it!

Our tiebreaker: You're at the grocery store picking up some fruit. You reach for a Golden Delicious apple and a handsome man reaches for the same one. Your hands meet and you say...

PS: More wedding-related posts to follow.


Anonymous said...

You can have the apple, if I can have your banana.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you need this? You're already delicious. ::insert sketchy slurpy noise here::

Emily said...

That last one was me. And let me try another one - it's too good of a situation:

You don't need an apple, hun, cuz you can have my peach


I'll give you this if you promise that the same thing'll happen that did when Eve handed over her apple.

Amy Stegner said...

Not gonna lie, I was pretty proud of mine:

If you're lucky, that won't be the most delicious thing you reach for all night.

Anonymous Male said...

Wouldn't mind fondling Emily's peach, or dining on Amy's delights.

(Do women really need pick up lines though?)

Amanda said...

I am delighted by these comments. A+ effort, kids.

Emily: Points for Biblical references.

Amy: Yes, your line was good. I really liked it...considering it was first loser. ;)

Anon Male: You raise a good point. During our evening of inventing lines, we questioned whether or not women need lines. Moreover, do their lines need to be creative? Can we just mention something about sex and call it a day? On the other hand, you responded to the lines here, so obviously something worked.

What does anyone else think: DO women need lines?

Anonymous Male said...

Those two were good lines. They deserved a response. Women don't need lines, but obviously doesn't hurt to use them (as I clearly enjoyed and responded to them).

(the banana one... eh... not so good.)