Friday, December 11, 2009


I'm a bit tardy in this, but I have to say how spectacular my weekend was. I flew to DC for some much-needed reunions with amazing friends. I laughed for four days, basically.
I wish I could relate it more eloquently for you. You really should have been there. It was quite an adventure, containing:
1 stop by the White House
a handful of perfect friends
2 excellent milkshakes
4 very late nights of wine and conversation
6 hours of intense Apples to Apples
1 heated debate about an allen wrench
3 additions to my wallet
1 giant portrait of LL Cool J
innumerable pep talks and advice sessions
51 license plates that made us stop and stare
2 pieces of free gingerbread cake at Starbucks
3 documented hugs
2 random men in tuxedos
1 fake birthday
countless refills as Christine "fixes a glass"
not enough plans for future reunions.

I am constantly reminded that I lucked out in the friend department. I may find boyfriends to be stupid and unreliable, but man...I am overwhelmed by friends. It's unfair how many stunning people I get to surround myself with, people who flatter and entertain me. And not just in DC, but all over the place. I can only sit back and hope to live up to the hype. And book another plane ticket.

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