Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oh, sure, I know all about that.

Has anyone else seen that commercial for prescription eyedrops--Restasis? (You can watch it here if you haven't: commercial.) I don't know about you, but if I went to my doctor with that information, I would NOT be handed a prescription. She says she's been using eyedrops "several times" each day for "quite some time." She's tried "all kinds." My doctor would say, "....Well.....I'm going to need a little more information here, Amanda. How long, specifically, is "quite some time"? When you say you've tried "all kinds"...can you tell me the brand name of at least one? This cavalier attitude towards eye care might be the reason you're having a problem--which you didn't actually mention. Are there any symptoms? Can you tell me what they are? Also, are you an idiot?" He would use those obnoxious air quotes to show me just how stupid I sounded and I would come home and blog about him.
But this commercial "doctor" (yes I did use air quotes thank you for recognizing that) is all, "Oh hey I know that problem! I'm the psychic doctor! Let me just whip out my prescription pad here and we'll get you sorted out! Have a nice day!"
Not exactly a great ad campaign, Restasis.

Walking past my computer, my mother just asked what I was writing about. Hearing that it was a television commercial, her reaction was, "Well at least you're not writing about the air freshener anymore."


Anonymous said...

THANK you! Also, know what's almost as ridiculous as those commercials? That TV show "The Doctors." You know, the one where they have the guy who was on The Bachelor with a plastic surgeon and another doctor and their female doctor friend, who I call Dr. Stripperface. Awful.

Know what else is awful? THAT. AIR FRESHENER. Get rid of it, Amanda's Mom. It's scary.

Suzi said...

your mom? HILARIOUS. (c:

Amanda said...

Mom has been notified of your comments.

Also, YES "The Doctors" is awful.